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901 Forest Street Dover, DE 19904

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Dale Kevin Brown I, Principal
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Booker T. Washington faculty and staff prepare gifts for the 2013 Winter Harvest.  Ms. Susan Gilbert organized this wonderful opportunity that allowed our BTW family to participate.  Thank you Ms. Gilbert!!
Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up
For the safety of our students, please use the drop-off and pick-up lane located at the front of the school. Thank You.
BTW Teacher of the Year - Michelle Wilson

Amari Williams-Benson of the Booker T. Washington Elementary School

Amari Williams-Benson of the Booker T. Washington Elementary School, Dover, accepted our school's certificate in the 12th annual Fourth Grade Competition Awards Program Dec. 7. The competition involved 22 schools in Delaware where students were to reflect on the U.S. Constitution and Delaware's role in ratifying the document. With Amari are her mom, Trina Williams, fourth-grade BTW teacher Debra Dalton and Chief Deputy Secretary of State Rick Geisenberger.

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